This site is developed for the Leonardo-project "Workplace training in health care".

Workplace learning or training is vital to nurses throughout their careers.  Scarcity of nurses and the need for task realignment increases the need on improved coaching and mentoring skills. At this moment there is a high variability in concepts and practices on mentoring, coaching, supervison, tutoring and preceptoring, even between institutions in one country.  Research and evidence in different European countries showed a support for the 'mentorship approach'. So far there is no golden standard for the way in which supportive supervisory relationships are organized in the context of practice- skills acquisition.
Mentors / Coaches (on the work place) often indicate a suboptimal preparation for this task and report confusion on how to apply these concepts in practice. There is a tension between educational institutes and employer organizations (e.g. hospitals, elderly care institutes) on the distribution of tasks and responsibilities in the learning trajectory.

This project aims for knowledge exchange and further harmonization in the approach of work place learning for Health Care staff and trainees. Analysis of practice in different partnering countries will clarify and support further orientation in organization of work place learning. This process will need specification of objectives, necessary skills and competences in training of staff, students and novices. Fine tuning of task distribution between educational institutes and employers will be key in this process. The overview of different practices, in depth analysis and exploration of mutual strengths will lead to a best practice guidelines.

For the realization of this project, we established a collaboration between different partners. A representation of these partners can be found on the website. There is also a calendar where you can find the dates for the meetings and potential deadlines.