The main objective of this project concerns the introduction of benchmarking methodology in B&H universities as a modern management tool as well as the most effective quality enhancement method. This is an essential step in the further implementation of the Bologna process in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this way this proposal of structural measures fully supports the structural reform of higher education in the entire B&H. The consortium is composed of 8 public universities in B&H, 3 EU universities, Agency for higher education and quality assurance B&H, Higher education Accreditation Agency of Republika Srpska, 4 ministries for education and CEENQA.

After an overview of benchmarking approaches and strategies at EU Universities, will be organized different retraining seminars for B&H staff, in order to better understand the concepts and practices of benchmarking with a view to improve and increase their use in higher education. Study visit will be organized to EU universities in order to learn more about the exact application of benchmarking methodologies in EU countries. After analysis of situation regarding approaches of benchmarking in EU and B&H a benchmarking handbook for B&H HEI's  will be developed. Pilot project will focus on several areas of university work (governance, QA, curriculum reform, external impact, reputation, competitiveness...). A detailed QA strategy for B&H HE and an action plan for implementing benchmarking at BH HEI's will be developed.
The main outcomes of this project are:

  1. The Analysis of Benchmarking Approaches in EU and B&H;
  2. Principles of good benchmarking in the development of higher education;
  3. Strengthening capacity  for implementation of benchmarking methodology in B&H Universities;
  4. Capacity building of  Universities in B&H;
  5. Pilot project for benchmarking in B&H Universities;
  6. Dissemination of project results;
  7. Sustainability of project results;
  8. Quality control and monitoring;
  9. Project management.