Weaning of Burbot, EAS Rhodos 2011

"Weaning of Burbot, Lota lota (Linnaeus 1758): First result at Aqua-ERF"

Wouter Meeus, Diederik Van Heule, Nancy Nevejan, Daniel De Charleroy, Anamaria Reckecki, Annemie Decostere, Jurgen Adriaen, Stef Aerts

Poster presentation at the European Aquaculture Society Conference, Rhodos (Greece) 2011


The unavailability of weaned burbot (Lota lota) fingerlings is a bottleneck for the development of the culture of this species. A co-feeding and a direct weaning protocol resulted in similar performances. High SGR were recorded but cannibalism rates were high. Therefore early grading is recommended. The later protocol will be preferred in practice because of lower costs in terms of A. nauplii use and labour.