Lota lota for diversification, Cluj-Napoca 2011

"Burbot, Lota lota (Linnaeus, 1758), an opportunity for the diversification of European Inland Aquaculture"

Jurgen Adriaen, Wouter Meeus, Anja De Kimpe, Stef Aerts

Poster publicatie op internationale symposium "Prospects for the 3rd Millennium Agriculture", Cluj-Napoca (Roemenië) 2011


In contrast to marine aquaculture, the European inland aquaculture production is stagnating and even declining for some species. One of the possible strategies to enhance inland production could be the diversification of the selected species, try-ing to aim for high value species, which would make bigger investments possible with an increased production as outcome. Because of its potential fast growth rate and market value, the burbot was selected by AQUA-ERF to investigate its aqua-culture potential. Trials concerning the weaning, optimal temperature and nutritio-nal requirements of the burbot were run at the Aquaculture Education and Re-search Facilities, that was launched in the context of the European Interreg project “AQUAVLAN”.