Effect of illuminance and white light spectrum on growth performance in noble crayfish, EAS Edinburgh 2016

T. Abeel, W. Meeus, J. Adriaen, J. Audenaert, E. Roelant and S. Aerts

There is an increasing interest for the intensive production of noble crayfish in Europe. Unfortunately, these decapods are highly cannibalistic, hindering the development of commercially viable intensive production (Abeel et al., 2014). In recent years, progress has been made regarding the optimization of noble crayfish culture in RAS. However, information on the illumination requirements for this species remains scarce. Light conditions such as illuminance and light spectrum are known to affect growth in crayfish (d’Agaro et al., 2008). In this study, we evaluated the effect of white light spectrum and illuminance of fluorescent lights on noble crayfish growth in RAS.

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